Susan Schlossberg

Susan is a Real Estate Expert, who holds an MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management 80’.  She is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur who truly cares about her clients and their families. Having more than 25 years of business and financial consulting experience, Susan is a seasoned consultant.

Rich in life experience, Susan is well qualified to help you find your home and provide you with valuable information as she guides you through the process. She will teach you how to read the signals and how to recognize why some spaces speak to you and why some don’t. She will listen to your needs and help you to find the best fit. Susan assists her clients in navigating the home-buying process with minimal stress and minimal fear.

A Cambridge resident for 35 years, Susan has developed properties, and is active in community economic development.  Susan brings a unique perspective to the buying process encompassing:

    • Construction quality
    • Highest and best land uses
    • Property management, maintenance, and repair
    • Financing options
    • Property valuations
    • Real estate repair contractors and consultants


We provide data directly to buyers and sellers.  During each stage of the buying process, staff provides clients with relevant information in a timely manner. This comes in the form of real estate data, referrals,
personal contacts, and a whole lot of hand holding. This is a collaborative process. The more information shared with each other, the better the end result.

Quality of life is extremely important to Susan. It is her hope that her clients will be empowered and educated enough to comfortably find home.  Honesty and integrity create a safe environment where you will be assured of excellence throughout your time together.

We create relationships for life.

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